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Aircraft Management

Our professionalism is in the most efficient management of the aircraft, Our main an the only aim is above all the good of the aircraft's owner.

Our professionalism is in the understanding of the owner's needs. we give the extra aspect to the owner, which is usually not so common in the management companies, and is the aspect of efficient management, meaning we use all the tools to analyze maximum efficiency in each flight.

We have developed our own analyzing software, which enables us to compare between all fuel suppliers in each airport, ground services pricing, and catering services providers, and select from all the best and most efficient suppliers. The software is based on recommendations and prices received from all private aircrafts operates in this airport, this is unique software and it ensures that the owner's aircraft is managed effectively and the owner receives the best quality of service. We operate according to the view that the interest of the owner is above all, and it means to choose the best local suppliers in each airport.

We are also pre-prepared for any unexpected situation, such as changing the slots minutes before the departure, changing the destination of the flight in air, planning the flight to an unconventional destination, this is our professionalism.

We also take care for all other aspects of management, such as insurance, all approvals with aviation authorities, as well as offering a charter service if the owner wants the opportunity to make a profit from his aircraft when it isn't in his use.

Our most important aim to give professionalism and full flexibility to the owner, and to allow him to feel that he can trust our specialists.

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