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Your Questions, Answered

Why Private Flight ?

Many clients ask us for the first time, why better a private flight better than a business class?
We will try to answer detailed, just to enumerate the huge advantages they have on a private flight
- Private flight is a tailor made flight to your business needs, for example, you can book a flight up to 2 hours before the departure itself!
- You can change departure time even few minutes before the flight itself
- Your arrival to the airport is requested up to 20 minutes only before the flight
- No matter what, your flight will not leave without you, the aircraft and crew will wait patiently for you in case of any delay
- Your will board in the fastest and most convenient way without waiting in the line
- The ground crew will transfer all your luggage from your taxi to the aircraft
- You can attach passengers to the flight without any prior notice
- You can change the destination according to your wishes even during the flight itself
- You will discover the most sophisticated entertainment systems on the aircraft, including wifi, all to make sure that you will enjoy your flight
- Your own air crew that will stand always and just at your own disposal
- Your family or your friends, are the only passengers on board!
- The possibility of flying to several destinations will allow you to plan several business meetings during the day, all according to your own schedule
- Ordering a catering from luxury restaurants that are personally suited to you
- Reservation of a special Ambulance flight for a medical flight if necessary

How Is The Reservation Process Is Carried Out ?

Very simply. You can choose the preferred way to contacts us:

1. You can contact us at 03-722-0262 (24/7) and tell us to where you wish to fly and when.

2. Send us an email with you flight request.

3. Send us a what's app to +972-585330077

We will try to give you instant reply with assisting you to choose the preferred arrival airport according to your destination. Our detailed quote will include all the necessary information for your 

- Airports information

- Detailed flight schedule

- List of all available aircrafts for the requested flight

- Detailed information about each of the aircrafts

- Actual photos of the aircrafts for the requested flight

- Detailed price with all included: VIP Catering, VIP lounges, Air Crew, all taxes, and all ground services

In Which Types Of Aircrafts Can I Fly When I Book a Flight With Lux Aviator ?

Our company offers multi-engine aircrafts only , we do not offer piston engines aircrafts. Lux Aviator does not itself operate the aircrafts, we are assisted by companies that operate private aircrafts from around the world, with appropriate licenses. Because we are not aviation operators we can offer our clients varies choice of aircrafts with the best price without being restricted monopoly of any operator.


Each of our aircrafts meets the strictest safety standards in the market., and we use Argus ranking, that is the highest standard in the market, for all offered by us aircrafts.

In order to understand the client's needs, we ask information about the destinations, number of passengers, type of aircraft requested and budget. According to this information we present all the suitable flight options for the client, so he can choose the aircraft that is most convenient for him.

In order to assist the client to choose the right aircraft for his flight, we will always use only actual photos of the aircraft

Can I order a One Way Flight Only and What is the Difference in Price ?

We offer our clients full flexibility, between choose round trip, and one-way flight. Usually a round trip will be cheaper than a one-way flight because of the direct costs of such a flight. We will always try to offer clients who are interested in it, also empty leg flights, which are one-way flights, and has a significant lower price, and addressed to clients who are flexible with departure dates or times.

What Kind Of Catering is Served in the Flight ?

The type of catering served in the airplane depends on the length of the flight, type of aircraft leased and the equipment in it and also according to the requests of the customer. The refreshment can start from quality sandwiches and various light beverages up to luxury restaurant style meals with wines from your selection

As a principle and since a level of service in our company, we serve catering from luxury restaurants only. The menu is tailored especially for each client and flight, and the menu is emphasizes the personal preferences of each client for his guests on board

How Much Does a Private Flight Cost ?

Private flight price can start from $ 4,000 and beyond, the cost of the flight depends on the following details:

1. Size of the aircraft

2. Destination of flight

3. Staying time at the destination

We always stay at your disposal to assist you with the prices and more information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at Operation line: 03-722-0262, or at What's app : +972-585330077

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