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Purchase Consulting

Lux Aviator has special professionalism in purchasing a private aircraft, purchasing shared ownership, or using aircraft on lease.

At each step of purchase we analyze with the client what type of puchase is most effective for him.

The questions we ask the client the frequency of the flights and the destinations  and according to this we analyze with the client:

1.  The amount of flight hours per year

2. Average amount of passengers on board

3. Max. flight range required by the client

All this information helps us find the perfect solution for the client.

A perfect solution for the customer is a solution that best suits the customer's needs. Analyzing the information together with the client we show the customer the advantage and disadvantage of each form of purchase.

The analysis of the information will enable us to show the client accurately to the point the costs of each client's flight. We will provide the client with the most accurate costs of using the aircraft, direct costs and fixed costs. This will allow the client to understand exactly what form of purchase is expected and to make the best choice.

After analyzing the costs we will look for the different types of aircrafts according to his request. At this stage we are committed to the utmost professionalism and the best price in the private jet market. Our name in the market and familiarity with all the factors operating in the market allows the client to feel safe regarding the purchase itself.

In order to give the client the confidence in the purchase stage, we allow to the client to make a demo flight on the selected aircraft. For us, it is our duty to ensure that the client feels safe about the quality of the product he purchase. 

During the purchase, we give the client all the possible financing options and assist him in the requested financing process.

After the purchase, we assist the client with accompaniment in all legal aspect of the purchase itself, accompanied by leading aviation legal counsels, all of us will ensure that the client will feel in the safest hands during all the process.

Our professionalism is very important in the purchase process, because it is the most crucial process for the client, and at this stage he understands and is exposed to our professionalism and level of service.

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